Garfield comic strip of 091811 - Blog post 5

Plans for today.

1. Write a long meandering blog post that shows of all the majestic flourishes that I can conjure from the hidden depths of my amnesic soul.

2. Reach the heady heights of running ten miles. I have recently been bouncing around the threshold, so today I feel is the day that I brake down some barriers.

3. Tidy the flat. It is really starting to resemble a midden and that goes against my very nature. The OCD in me is screaming against its walls. Pants do not go in the plant pot they go in the washing basket, CDs need to be arranged alphabetically not in order of what you listened to last, dishes need to be washed in the sink not the tumble dryer. My OCD is a real pain, so to shut him up I need to do some basic housework.

4. Play Fallout 3. A good friend of mine (Hi Benson) lent this to me last week and I have not even put the disc in the 360 yet!! This changes today, though it might have a detrimental effect on everything else in my life… Sod it, hold on Dogmeat I’m a comin!

5. Avoid all football scores and watch Match of the Day tonight. After all it is the final day of the season and I do have the majority of a bottle of sherry to drink, might even get a party hat and some confetti, just to make an occasion out of it.

6. Find some way to shoehorn an amusing meme into my blog post.


That will do nicely.

7.Find away to mention that you can follow me on twitter @DolefulDoug. Hey I’m getting pretty good at this!!

8. Manage to reach ten points in my plans for today rundown. I’m sure the majority of you will notice I tailed off round about number five but I’m sure I can find a way. I could just make sh*t up but I’m just not that kinda South American.

10. Play a music video that should keep everyone happy and help me reach my goal of ten things wot I’m going to do today.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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