Well had, past tense but then the quote would be wrong and we can’t have that, can we?

One of my plans for tonight was to write a post about the positions that Arsene Wenger needs to strenghten for next season, anyone that says manager can leave right now, instead I am going to base this piece around a thank you for one David Glassford.

Was anyone else forced by their parents to write thank you notes to relatives for the gifts they received at Christmas?

Dear Uncle Donald thank you for the *insert gift here* that you gave me for Christmas. For Christmas I got a bunch of stuff you’re not interested in. I had a good time hope you did to. From Douglas.

You know that sort of thing.

I don’t understand the Internet, it scares me. Does it even require a capital I? I don’t know. I struggle through on a wing and a prayer and hope no one notices all the glaring errors I make. Like pictures that are not where I want them to be! Pictures of Peter Dinklage instead of Kevin Costner. Oh the embarrassment, the cringe worthy stupidity, the utter humiliation! How can I ever show myself in public again?

But hark a hero arises in the form of someone who understands this technological terror, cheers David.

Mr Glassford is the kinda guy that reads code books for fun, FOR FUN!!! So if you need some website development or someone to tell you what GIF means head over to:


While you are on LinkedIn you can add me:


I might not understand the Internet but free publicity, pffft that’s easy!

Someone else that understands computers and stuff is the guy that made this:

No idea who made that but I think you will agree I linked it in pretty well.

And because it is Saturday night a music video:

Thanks again David!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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