The other day I dedicated a whole post to a short jaunt around the picturesque Benmore.

So in the interest of fairness I should really take a few pictures of Dundee.

This is slightly problematic because I took quite a lot of snaps when I was back home, only the chosen few making it to the blog, to do so again would require lots of standing about waiting for people to get out of my way. Never one to claim patience as a virtue I collected my camera and charged out the door before I could talk myself out of this latest endeavour.

First on my list was this structure. A few weeks ago I had admired it on one of my regular sojourns outside, wishing I had a camera. So today I returned and with the appropriate equipment.


I say structure because I am not completely sure what it is. I think it is some sort of office building, whatever it is I like it. Modern design at its finest, well chosen colour scheme as well! Gets the Douglas seal of approval!

And while I was there it would be foolish of me not to take advantage of the situation…

…By err taking a picture of some steps… I just like this stairway, I can’t explain it. Something to do with the way it is not just a straight line. Not sure about the giant cigarette at the bottom though…

That took me about five minutes to attain. People kept having the audacity to walk up or down them, like it was some sort of public highway.

Hello, I’m creating art here!!

So after this monumental showing of inner calm I preceded to somewhere more secluded.
long grafiti

Yeah more modern art! I quite like graffiti, not rubbish like Dennis woz here or “your actions are pointless unless someone witnesses them” I enclose that with quotation marks because I actually saw that somewhere in Dundee a few years ago. While a valid statement to make, I guess, I suspect the irony of defacing a wall with that assertion when no one was about was lost on the petty criminal.

Anyway I like decent graffiti, so much so I took another picture


The whole wall is covered in the likes of this, it is really quite impressive. Definitely worth a wander down that way.

So after the public art I encountered an opportunity that was just to good to pass up
Now I’m not Sheldon, I don’t have an abnormal love of trains. In fact my view of the metal beasts is general apathy but as I was crossing this bridge the number 23 from Glasgow appeared in the distance.

I’m having that.

After my excitement had passed I continued onwards, by this time I was close to the Tay so there was only one logical destination:


The worst poem in the word, or perhaps Scotland. Maybe just Dundee, I can’t remember. Basically it’s a really awful poem.

By now it was beginning to rain rather heavily, I started to quicken my pace as I was still some distance from home. A picture of The Discovery had been on my list of things to do but by the time I had reached the moored vessel the heavens had opened and I was soaked through, drenched to my very core. A veritable downfall, a deluge even. Captain Scott himself would have balked at the conditions I assured myself, as several small mammals swept by me, buffeted by the torrent.

Maybe I’ll get it next time, maybe next time I might even go up The Law.

You can follow my photographic journey at Pinterest.


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