I was considering doing a 24 post, Jacks back and such but that would be far to obvious and never one for what is staring me in the face I am going to do a Supernatural one instead. Note the capital S that denotes it is the TV program, not about ghost n goblins.

Does anyone still watch this? I dip in and out periodically, despite the fact that I know it is not actually that good. I’ve made it all the way up to season eight, so I might as well stick with it to whatever end…

I’m not saying it is bad or anything but Sam really needs to lighten up, stop moping about you big moose you’re beginning to bring me down. Castiel was funny when he would randomly appear, take everything far to literal, then vanish for a few episodes. Now he is a permanent figure I’m kinda board of him.

It has it saving graces; Crowley is deliciously evil and Dean, well Dean is spot on, how he puts up with Sammy is beyond me.

Dean is the kinda guy I want to go for a drink with. We could talk about music and cruise for chicks…


Do you know how difficult it was to shoehorn that GIF into the conversation?? I hope you appreciate it!!

Look at his little feet!

But anyway, Supernatural. I’m on episode ten of season eight and I miss Bobby, he always had a witty rejoinder such as balls or idjits.

Just because you’re busy saving the world doesn’t mean you can get away with articulating poorly. I think you mean idiots.


Eloquently put good sir.

I wanted a actual clip of him saying that but I could not find one on You tube. Imagine my outrage that people are not putting up the clips that I want to use, that’s just not cricket!

Incidentally if you have nothing better to do type Zerg Rush into Google. If nothing happens it is not my fault it is because you are using the wrong browser or something…


Anyone get the Lord of the Rings quote? I will give you a hint, it’s only three words…


2 thoughts on “They are still making Supernatural?

  1. Sadly, I understand the dilemma of loving Supernatural but being disappointed with where it’s going. It’s one of my fave shows, but I still think it should have ended at 5 seasons – that was the perfect story arc. Hopefully, season 10 will be the last of it. And LOVE the Chicken-Dean gif, so thank you for finding a way to work that in 🙂

  2. Yeah it is kinda hard to top the Devil as the main villain but saying that Mark Sheppard would have made a better Lucifer. A quick check of IMDB shows that season 6 had some very enjoyable episodes, The French Mistake, Weekend at Bobby’s and Frontierland are all cracking one offs. That is why I keep watching because you know that while the overall story might be a bit weak there are still flashes of the old brilliance.

    Ha ha no problem, I saw it in the nether reaches of the internet ages ago and was just waiting for the right moment to uses it!

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