Sheesh no need to swear, I just want to talk to your unhinged Lord and his vexatious mother… Now that I think about it I will just turn around and go back down the bloody road.

Does anyone actually trust Petyr Baelish? There is just something about him, I can’t put my finger on it:


Ah there it is.

I really wish Cersei and Margaery would stop having conversations about one thing while talking about something completely different. It is bad enough when women do that in the real world  (stop doing that) now I have to try and dissect every word that these two harpies utter.

Poor Tommen looks like you’re fucked, on the plus side it looks like you’re fucked! Every cloud and all that.

How long should we let him mourn his brother for?

Two weeks?

I dunno that seems a bit long for the little prick.

How exactly did Ghost get out of his cage? The timing was awfully convenient if you ask me. Almost as if he was not really trying to before, lazy Dire Wolf.


That is not true Jorah, I have managed this whole post and not told anyone that Daenerys is not actually going to make it to the Seven Kingdoms anytime soon.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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