Apart from me obviously, I’m keeping it real, down with the kids and such.

I ask this because I went out into the far reaches of the internet for a wee nosy and found long, meandering offerings from a bunch of self inflated egos.

Oh this is how you tell a story or Hollywood is so false or indie drama is the way to go.

Sentences that go on and on but don’t actually say anything. I can do that It’s not difficult, watch:

So the problem occurred when I strayed into unknown territory on the world wide web. I found that it was populated by sentient beings that had high opinions of their own self worth, they excluded me from conversation on the basis that I refrained from writing exorbitantly long paragraphs. In fact my attempts at meeting these purveyors of the written word on an equal footing by shortening my questions to a manageable duration was met with silence and contemptuousness. I persisted by offering up an opinion and inquiring shrewdly about the topic at hand alas my second attempt was met with the same deafening silence as the first. Should I continue, did I value these ignorant wretches appraisal of my skills as a scribe? One final time I threw myself in to the breach, death or glory, DEATH OR GLORY!

I try to keep my posts short to avoid this very tedium. I hope you guys are appreciating this!

And while I have your attention I shall ask a question:

Yes I’m talking to you, all 145 of you that are following my blog by email. What I want to know is this:
Why are you following me? I don’t mean that in a rude, fu*k off kinda of way, I mean that in a give me some feedback kinda way.

What do you want to see more of? Go on email me and I will see if I can incorporate it in my next post. Well if it is a sensible idea, I’m not about to go crazy…


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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