These days the voice in my head is telling me to keep posting, even when I don’t have much to talk about. It cajoles me by offering to vacate the premises for a while if I do. This is kinda annoying but it is better than:

Oh my God we are all going to die, saves yourselves, women and children first.

So this morning I am going to show you a video I stumbled across on You Tube the other day:

Did you watch all of that? I didn’t!!! I watched about two minutes in disbelieving silence as Miss Smart proceeds to tells us what is in her bag!!!!!!

I have a purse and I have a club card and I have a key and I have a mobile phone and I have a small toy poodle and I have some lipstick and I have an orange and I have…

331512 views for that! How in Gods name did that happen?? Is it just idiots like me that go

oooo pretty lady and then click in it hoping for… I don’t know what I was hoping for, maybe a joke or something instead I got this vapid barbie doll whittling on about how her bag is “white with the lovely brown straps and the cover here that goes over the top”

I know, I have eyes!! I can see!! Hurry up and tell me what is in your bag, that is what I want to know, that is why I clicked on the video after all…

And I have a small East African province.


futuram i don't

This video on the other hand is the kinda thing that people should be watching:

Good work sir, bit long though. I don’t think I have the attention span to watch…

BOOM music video:


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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