Do you remember a time when games were more than just a glut of first person shooters and annual releases? I do, I swear it used to exist. Honest.

To prove it I’m going to give you a quick run down of five games that deserve a sequel or at the very least a remake.

1. Space Station Silicon Valley:


A professor and his robot chum crash-landed on a space station populated entirely by mechanical animals. You then had to traverse each level by controlling the different invertebrates, each with it’s own set of distinct abilities, courtesy of the robot.

I don’t think I’m doing a very good job of explaining the finer points, perhaps this clip will help:

Does that make any more sense? Probably not but to be fair even when I was playing this I was more than a little bit confused!! However the quality of the game was never in any doubt. Each level was a splendid mix of action and problem solving, throw in a perfectly balanced learning curve and you have one of the best games on the N64.

2. Die Hard Arcade:


Remember I was complaining about the lack of side scrolling beat ’em ups? No?                                                                                            https://pullupapew.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/memories-of-a-16-bit-age/
Told ya. The Sega Saturn (yes I owned a Saturn) provided the next logical step to this genre by implementing button mashing in 3D(kinda) Based loosely around Die Hard you started at the bottom of Skyscraper and had to rescue the presidents daughter, who was unsurprisingly right at the top. In your way however are all manner of goons. Pretty faithful to It’s roots, you can pick up most of the objects littered about and use them to smack the living daylights out of the enemies. You also get numerous projectile weapons and the ability to handcuff the villains, if for some reason you don’t want to defeat them…

Add some QTE and a roof top showdown similar to Double Dragon and it was the most fun I had on the Saturn.

Now imagine that but with four or more players:

3. Resident Evil:

Resident Evil [U] [SLUS-00170]-front

What ever happened to this franchise? It use to be about survival horror. Nowadays it is just another action game, albeit one of the better ones. I miss the days of poor acting and unnecessary arm animations.

Exploring the original mansion was a genuinely nerve racking enterprise, the creaking of each door had my hairs standing on edge and you never knew what was behind the next corner. Though it was normally a zombie!
Puzzles that made you think, save points that you had to decide if it was worth the risk trying to reach. Ammo that had to be horded and health was a blessing not an expectation. Now it is all:

Not quite the same. So come on Capcom lets get back to some edge-of-your-seat-shivers-down-your-spine action.

4. Skies of Arcadia:
Skies of Arcadia PAL DC-front

Pirates in in ships that sail amongst the clouds not he waves. You need more?
Vyse and his crew where messing about on boats and exploring terra firma in the same game long before the lackluster Assassins Creed 3 merged the idea.

A brilliant game that combined the dungeons of Zelda with turn based style combat and ship to ship warfare in the skies. You start off with only a paltry crew and in true rpg style you recruit as you go. Each extra team member not only adds benefits to your vessel but you can choose one of them to accompany you when you go exploring on the ground.

It also kept track of how good a pirate Vyse was via the swashbuckler rating, ranging from Vyse the Ninny all the way to the legend!

A strong storyline, some sympathetic characters and a sense of humour make this one of the Dreamcasts stand out games.

5. Light gun games:

Yeah more bad voice acting!

Whatever happened to these kind of games? Whenever I go into an arcade I run straight for one of these bad boys, eager to feed my pennies into the cabinets and wave my plastic gun about like a maniac. We used to have Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, House of the Dead and err Rayman Raving Rabbids. I even hooked up my old Dreamcast to my TV the other day to play House of the Dead 2 but the TV would not even register the light gun. That is how out of date these games are, bit like myself.



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