It has been happening slowly, quietly gathering speed when no one is looking but I noticed, I saw the flight of the swallows and read the tea leaves in the bottom of my cup.

Kevin Costner is having a bit of a renaissance. It all started innocently enough in Man of Steel, which I would like to say was quite possible THE BEST piece of casting since Samuel L. Jackson (the L stands for Leroy) as Jules and continued in the average Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

However at tonight’s screening of Pompeii I had the unbridled pleasure of seeing a trailer for Three Days To Kill, now the film itself looks decentish but the main attraction was the fact that young Mr Costner is in the lead role! Yeah, smiley face, thumbs up etc.

I also got to see another trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. I say another because I saw the first one a few weeks ago with a good buddy of mine. I would give him a name check but I suspect he can’t read…

Anyway I was left feeling a little bit flat, my first glimpse of the time hopping adventure was not quite what I expected. The best thing about it was the hairy caterpillar perched below Dinklage’s nose.


However the new one (trailer not hairy caterpillar) has refilled my excitement-o-meter . Have you seen it? I’ll see if I can find it for you.

*rummages around on You Tube*

Looks pretty tasty I think you will agree but still no Gambit. Why no Gambit?! Apparently he is getting his own film (yeah) but Channing Tatum(boo) is rumoured to be in talks for the lead role. Now I’m not going to go all fanboy here but unless Tatum is able to pull off an outrageous French accent I don’t think he is suited for the role.

What was I talking about? Oh yes Kevin Costner, have you seen Mr. brooks? If not it is worth a watch, one of those decent films that gets swept away under a mountain of blockbusters and crappy rom-coms.

Music video time:



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