I was originally going to use a picture of the whole cast but then I saw this one…

Recently I hooked up my X-box 360 to sky so I could watch oodles of football, as an added bonus I found out that Comedy Central are constantly showing reruns of Friends.

Football and Friends, could I BE any happier?

So here are five of the most memorable moments from the show. Well five clips I can remember, my minds not what he used to be. I’m cunningly going to use You Tube. That Way I don’t have to write much and you don’t have to read more that a few lines. Win win.

Sorry about the subtitles and the end, not my video. Seriously, what is with the end?? Kinda ruined the clip.

Subtitles, not my video etc JAZZ HANDS!!

Dude!! What did you record that with? A potato??

Okay I know I have just done a Chandler clip but he IS the funniest of the group. I miss Chandler’s witticisms and general all round sarcasm. I’ll just have to wait for the reunion…

… There is never going to be a reunion people, deal with it!!



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