star wars

It is not actually a long time ago it is right now and it is not far, far away it is in Dundee but you get the idea…

I don’t hate Dundee as much as I alluded to the other day. Not really. I mean Baxter Park is quite nice and the Tay is awrite, I guess.  The Overgate is normally a pleasant experience and Perth Road has some decent pubs. Of course Cineworld is a major blessing but I guess that goes without saying.

Anyway my point is, I forget what my point is but the cast list for the upcoming Star Wars film (eek) was announced the other day so that has pushed pretty much all coherent thought from my troubled mind.

Apart from the majority of the original cast, the stand out names are Andy Serkis, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac.

Serkis is none other than Gollum himself, though this does raise the worrying possibility of more Gungans. Boyega was excellent as Moses in the underrated Attack The Block and Isaac played the tile role in Inside Llewyn Davis, a film I have not seen. So I can make no comment, sarcastic or otherwise.

AND helping write it is Irvin freaking Kershner. This is good news, no this is stupendous news. I’m going to say this here and now: I have a good feeling about Episode Seven (eek)

For a full run down of the cast http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=40895 once again it is from Empire, so you know it’s legit.

I figure this post should garner some attention from the far reaches of the internet. After all if the internet was a Jedi than the majority of people on it would be midi-chlorians.

Dude I can’t believe that you used that reference!

Ah come on, by know everyone knows I’m a massive geek and that I love Star Wars (eek)

No not that, the fact that you referenced those completely pointless bacterium.

Good point little voice in my head.

Seriously, what was with the midi-chlorians? I mean why where they even brought up? What was wrong with the premise that the Jedi where space wizards? Some people in this galaxy (far, far away) are born with the ability to become space wizards and some are not.

Excellent, a simple premise. Can we have a lightsaber battle now please George?

Talking of lightabers how cool would it have been if this:

Was first seen in the movie, not in the teasers and trailers that built all the hype but when you where at the cinema.That alone would have nearly saved the film, nearly.

Not all the build up to The Phantom Menace was a disaster in fact this poster:


Was most excellent and even Weird Al got in on the action:

Earlier I couldn’t find a clip of Darth Maul reveling he had two red blades of death instead of one but I could find a clip of the whole fight. You don’t have to watch this one Catherine…

I don’t care what anyone says. This scene equals anything in the first three films. Everything is a joy,  from the sheer evilness of Maul to the choreography. Even the music rivals the space battle from Return of the Jedi.

Unfortunately it is surrounded by him who must not be named


and some prick in a Naboo starfighter.

Now this is Podracing!

No it’s not you little shite, it is so far from Podracing I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong you are. I mean this ship has lasers and sodding missiles. Does your Pod jump into hyperspace? Oh forget it!!

I’m pretty sure that WordPress has the ability to put a countdown clock on your site, so I’m off to try and do that for the release of Episode Seven (eek) while you can sit back and enjoy an Adam and Joe Star Wars (eek) video.

What do you mean you don’t know who Adam and Joe are??

sigh, some people.



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