It is Monday night and that can only mean one thing.

Macaroni Cheese?

Er no… It means Game of Thrones. Yeah etc

First up, was that old woman talking about what I think she was talking about? That’s gross. Fetch me a bucket!

Other than that a pretty decent episode. Glad to see Jon Snow and Ghost look like they will be reunited soon, can’t have one without the other!  Though when he claimed not to know who his mother was, it took all my self control not to shout out:

Your mother is/was…

And the sword fighting lesson of first thing to do is disarm them.

Well I though the first thing to do, the VERY first, would be not to die but okay you’re the boss…

Other than that pretty decent episode. Oh and if you where wondering where you have seen Karl Tanner(the dude drinking from Mormont’s skull) before it is Pacific Rim.

What do you mean you have not seen Pacific Rim??? Go and watch it now! It’s all about big giant fish monsters beating seven shades out of massive robots and it is exactly, EXACTLY as amazing as it sounds!

Also Ron Perlman is in it and that’s a sure fire sign of quality.


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