The Last of Us is one of the best games I have played in a long time and I am intrigued at how the movie adaptation will work. After all it is more a film than a game to begin with, so do they just port the story across or come up with a new one based upon Joel’s and Ellie’s devastated world?

Either way I’m pretty excited and it does give me a great excuse to advertise my review of the game https://pullupapew.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/lets-get-rocking/
Smoothly done, I think you will agree.

It does however raise the question of who will play the two main characters and like every good fanboy I have a couple of suggestions.

Karl Urban: Dredd showed he can handle violence and deadpan humour, both of which will probably come in handy add to the fact he can actually act (always a bonus)

Viggo Mortensen: If you have seen The Road he seems like a pretty obvious choice. If you haven’t seen The Road, don’t. It is pretty average and ironically goes nowhere.

Michael Biehn: Because he is Michael Biehn.

Oh and Maisie Williams for Ellie.

Who do you think should play one half of our intrepid duo?


2 thoughts on “The movie based on the movie.

  1. I think Viggo would be perfect for the role. Though the similarity between the character he portrayed in The Road and his role as Joel would be a little too obvious. I’ll just hold out for him playing John Marston if they ever adapt Red Dead Redemption.

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