professor-farnsworth-right-300x241NBC are working on a T.V series based on Hellblazer. In fact they are currently filming the pilot episode.

What’s Hellblazer precious?

You mean you don’t know?? Shame on you. Hellblazer is a graphic novel (you mean comic, ed) staring John Constantine.


Still not with me? Set originally in 1980’s Britain, dark magic, main protagonist is a bit of an asshole, travels to hell, haunted by the fact that everyone he cares about dies, flips off the first of the fallen. No?

Fine it was a 2005 film staring Keanu Reeves. Don’t hold that against it though because hopefully, hopefully the T.V show will more more akin to its source material. I say that because the only picture to date:

Looks a lot more like John than Keanu ever did, granted looks are not everything and I quite enjoyed the film but errr I forget my point.

Not much is known about the upcoming series. Matt Ryan(Criminal Minds) plays the titular character and Harold Perrineau (Lost, The Matrix and 28 Weeks Later) stars alongside him. Apparently Perrineau is also in Sons of Anarchy but I have not reached that season yet, so shhhh.

The first episode will be directed by Neil Marshall who helmed the underrated Dog Soldiers and a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones, most notably the spectacular Blackwater.

So yes I’m pretty excited about this.



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