Despite the fact that I hardly ever talk about it, I have a passion for the game. A real fire inside. Could waffle on about it for days at a time. I often suspect my friends are not quite as interested as they make on, so I try to refrain my soccer based chat.

But on here if anyone wants to read and participate they can and if not, they wont.

Genius sheer genius!

So what I want to know is this: what is your all time greatest eleven?

The rules are simple:

1: Any formation you want, as long as it has eleven players that is all that matters. Don’t want to play a goalkeeper? That’s just fine.

2: You need to have seen them play. I don’t mean in the park or anything. Just players from your era.

That is all. I will get the ball rolling.

GK: Jorge Campos

RB: Philipp Lahm
CB: Franco Baresi
CB: Ronald Koeman
LB: Paolo Maldini

RM: Cristiano Ronaldo
CDM: Claude Makelele
CM: Steven Gerrard
LM: Roberto Baggio

CF: Lionel Messi
CF: Romario

I know some of you are thinking that Campos is an odd choice but this guy designed his own tops

and if that was not enough he would sometimes play upfront in the second half!!

Some of you will be thinking Stevie G? Bet he is a Liverpool fan!

I’m not, you have to remember that is best team, not best eleven players.

Mr Liverpool, in his prime, was one of the best box to box midfielders ever!

And some of you will be thinking Roberto Baggio???

Even the sensible ones amongst you will be thinking on the left midfield?

Well I had to put him somewhere!!

He became a Buddhist after that…



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