I had big plans for today. Massive plans. Humongous even. Plans that would shake the earth to its very core.
Unfortunately I have contracted the dreaded lurgy. So instead of forging ahead with my aforementioned schemes I have painted a big red cross on my front door.

Because I have the plague. Not because I am bonkers.

Though my front door is red so maybe I am going a bit doolally.

Cluck cluck, jibber jibber, my old man’s a mushroom etc

Seems like I will have to content myself with moping about the flat and feeling sorry for myself.

Anyone want to bring me some chicken soup?

On a slightly brighter note I discovered the Game of Thrones theme tune sung by goats.

That’s goat to be a good thing…

Ah come on Calculon, it was not that bad!!!

Fair enough. Maybe a stonking music video will appease you.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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