… I’m not doing the rest of that line, you can do it yourself!!

That is me back from my self imposed exile. The screenplay is coming along nicely. Did I mention I was writing a screenplay? I’m sure I did. I’m writing a screenplay, details of which can be found on the about section of this very blog.  Spread the word, maybe whisperings will reach the ears of some talented movie director or Hollywood big shot. Of course if someone knows Kevin Smith or Scott Mosier that would expedite proceedings perfectly.

Everyone enjoying their Easter weekend so far? Hope the weather is as scorching for you as it is for me. So scorching in fact that, like me, you want to go to the beach and have a perv on all the bronzed bodies on show.

Disappointingly I have no sandy play area anywhere close by, so I had to make do with hiding in my cupboard and watching some porn through a crack in the door.

To celebrate this religious holiday I have eaten four chocolate bunnies, two hot cross buns and a large chocolate egg. I feel slightly bloated but it is okay because it is all in the name of God…

I did however miss the screening of Barabbas on channel five. Despite its interesting premise I gave it  a body swerve because it was filmed in 1961. Yes I am a film snob, I can’t help it, I dislike that about myself but I still cant help it.  So anything filmed Pre-Seventies I tend to ignore.

So I have never seen It’s a Wonderful Life, Gone with the Wind or even Casablanca. I am ashamed to tell you this but admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it.

Random trivia: It’s a Wonderful Life is Dave Lister’s favourite film. So now you know.

Extra trivia: Dave Lister is a character in Red Dwarf.

Extra extra trivia: Red Dwarf is oh forget it….



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