Probably because he has not read the books.

*Activating smug mode*

I have. After all I was this cool before it was cool to be uncool. That’s how cool I am!!!

*Deactivating smug mode*

If I could go back in time and tell myself that everything will be okay…

Dude! You’re going to have sex! With a woman! More than once!!

While that is stupendous news future self, I am slightly worried about the time travel paradoxes that this little get together is causing and while the information is rather exciting I am kinda busy at the moment.

You’re reading The Wheel of Time… Budge up, budge up. Where are we?

Incidentally I have seven views of from Denmark. So to my Danish friends let me say: lilla abe opvaskemaskine

Didn’t really like the last episode of Game of Thrones much. Not even a gratuitous shot of some boobs.

Though we did get a this unnecessary view  right down Lena Headey’s top. I’m not complaining, just commenting!!



I’m just waiting for the bit with Arya and The Hound when *spoilers* and then she goes to *spoilers* and kills *spoilers* that bit is going to rock. Not forgetting the bit when she eats the worm, that is going to be frigging awesome.


You better not George, I’m warning you. In fact if you do I’m going to…



Damn you Martin, damn you to the very pits of Hades!!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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