The Halo series has been kicking about since Master Chief first emerged from cryosleep all the way back in 2001, since then the first person shooter has continued to gather steam and to this day shows no sign of abating. What makes the original and sequels stand out from the crowd and continue to please fans old and new?

1: The Silent Cartographer. Specifically the start of it. Everyone loves a good old beach storming and the boys and girls of the U.N.S.C are no different. Dropped off right in the thick of it you have to overcome stubborn resistance before you can even consider pausing for breath. Luckily you have a group of fearless marines with you.

Unfortunately they don’t seem to actually value their own lives and have a tiresome habit of dropping grenades directly at their feet. For some reason this makes people more attached to them and defeating the hordes of evil aliens becomes secondary to protecting these suicidal simpletons. The fact that they are voiced by Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin probably has something to do with it!

2:The Covenant(level).  Dropped off right in the thick of it you have to overcome…  You might be seeing a theme emerging here. This time though it’s from the third game in the franchise, so everything is bigger and better. Now you have to contended with mounted gun turrets, enemies wielding high explosives and Grunts that deploy the irritating tactic of charging at you while juggling plasma grenades . It’s okay though because you get a Spartan laser:


That is just the start. Then you get to nip about on a warthog, face off against a Brute Chieftain and then deal death from the skies via the hornets. Awesome, awesome to the max!!

3:The shotgun. Does not matter in what incarnation. Everyone loves the pump action death dealer.


Elites, Jackals, Hunters even Wraiths, all toast. Simple as that! The preferred method of laying waste to your enemies is; run headlong into a group, get their attention, hightail it out of there, find a corner to hide round then blast the hapless cannon fodder as they come round it…

This works excellently until you have to reload or revert to your secondary weapon. Usually the backup firearm is a rocket launcher. The shotgun might work splendidly in close quarters, the rocket launcher, not so much…

4:The ending of Reach. From the beginning you know the end.

And Bungie did not disappoint.  Anyone know what happened to Jun?

5: The mech suits in Halo 4. You get to pilot a spaceship, drive a tank, hijack enemy vehicles. What’s missing? That’s right wear a mech suit capable of destroying vast swathes of your adversaries. Halo 4 put that right in some style with the introduction of the Mantis. Cue maniacal laugh.

It’s Halo Jim but not as we know it.



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