Sorry about my short absence but it was all getting a bit too much and I’ve had other activities on the go, honest.


Watching The Walking Dead was one of them but what a load of guff the final episode was!!

A couple of things annoyed me about the finale, inconsequential things perhaps but they bugged the living daylights out of me.

As always spoilers follow!!

1: On reaching Terminus Rick had a plan to scout the perimeter. Good plan Rick, excellent plan! That’s the kind of thinking we need in a post apocalyptic world ruled by the undead and murderous fiends. The kind of level headedness that shows you are wasted as a farmer. However he quickly followed up this strategic master stroke with “spread out but stay close” er okay boss I’ll get right on that, idiot!

2: The unnamed soul screaming for help surrounded by walkers. Surrounded by walkers In an large empty field!! How exactly did that happen?? How do you get mobbed on all sides when you have plenty of room to maneuver and are at least, AT LEAST twice the speed of your assailants. Did they get together and formulate some sort of plan of attack ;

“Right we are going to engage the enemy at 13 hundred hours, Jimmy you take Tom, Kate, David and Catherine down the left flank, I’ll take the rest down the right. Jimmy?”


“Okay. Tom, you take charge of the left flank.”

3.The cans on string they use as an early warning system when they set up camp for the night.  It’s a great idea, no it’s a stupendous idea but perhaps maybe instigate it slightly further away. What good is an early warning system if it’s NOT AN EARLY WARNING SYSTEM. Inches, mere inches from where they sleep. Surely they would be woken by the constant moaning and kerfuffle of their zombie foes before this inadequately placed alarm system was activated. While your at it, better light a fire to draw some attention. Idiots!

4.Terminus as a whole. You mean it’s not safety for all. I’m shocked, stunned, amazed. Absolutely dumbfounded, completely and utterly speechless. Well I’m not that shocked. At least it was a good episode and had a great cliffhanger, oh wait…

5.The Hershel flashbacks. YAWN!


I was originally going to wax lyrical about my love of the Halo franchise but I got sidetracked, angered the blood a bit.  I’ll talk about Master Chief soon(ish)


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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