Before I proceed with my review of Green Lantern let me say one thing, I have never read the comics. Not one. So my following is not trying to get a rise, it’s not fanboy baiting.
If I was to do that I would say something like; Kirk could kick Picard’s ass…


Director Martin Campbell (Goldeneye and Zorro) knows how to deliver an action packed movie and Green Lantern is no exception. Unfortunately Hal Jordan’s big screen debut is lumbered with a ridiculous back story, something about a giant space head that eats fear and the intergalactic police force that’s trying to stop it.
However all that is quickly delivered via a voice-over courtesy of Geoffrey Rush and it is straight into the action and action is the key word. Green Lantern is the kind of film that tells you all about the main character as he performs the kind of aeroplane acrobatics that Tom Cruise would be proud of. Any other important information is reviled by the lovely Blake Lively, so there is little time to grow restless.

yum yum
Indeed there is a lot to like about DC’s emerald wonder. Ryan Reynolds as the titular character oozes charm that he perfected in Two Guys and a Girl and Peter Sarsgaard gives it his all as the dastardly villain. Leaving Mark Strong to issue lines like “let me take a squadron of my strongest Lanterns against this enemy” which he does with admirable sincerity, though it is a criminal waste of his talents.
Added to the fact that G.L doesn’t take itself too seriously, for once the heroine can recognise the hero despite the fact he is wearing a mask and Hal’s first attempts to activate the ring will induce squeals of delight in some circles.



Apart from the nonsenses of the overall story the only down side is the final battle. With a ring that can conjure anything the wearer can imagine you would think the writers would have a field day, sadly all they can envision is a slightly below par face off that pails against The Avengers and even Daredevil.

In conclusion: If you can get over the guff of the story Green Lantern is a solid enough film. If you can’t, not even Mr Reynolds easy going charisma can save this from DVD obscurity.

Two (what the hell, I’m feeling generous THREE) three out of five stars.



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