This post has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings, sorry.
It does have a link to Peter Jackson’s masterpiece, albeit a small one.

Step forward Sir Ian McKellen, aka Gandalf , aka the one and only master of magnetism. Ladies and gentlemen I give you (pause) Magneto.

What this post is all about is the new trailer for X-men Days of Future Past (eeekkkkkk) and my desire to avoid it until it hits cinema screens.

After all, my puny PC monitor would not do the time hopping-world saving-Sentinel bashing trailer justice.
In fact I’m not even going to give you a link because the last video I included https://pullupapew.wordpress.com/2014/03/15/its-all-ben-afflecks-fault/    was met with abject scorn and disdain. Go look up Bryan Singer’s latest on You Tube, I’m not your flunkey!

I will stick with amusing pictures
That is all for now, I’m away to not watch X-men Days of Future Past.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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