Six miles to see Muppets Most wanted.

And I did!

That’s not saying much though, after all I didn’t have much else to do and where I come from; Benmore:


Big shout out to the Benmore massive.


you have to walk six miles to get to the nearest bus stop!!

In fact Ricky Gervais


had put me off the whole enterprise in the first place,merely mentioning David Brent’s alter ego sends shivers down my spine!

I did not let this dissuaded me however and I set out on my intrepid venture. Stopping at KFC for provisions, obviously.

In summary, it was decent enough but not a patch on the first one.

After all what sequel/sevquel is?*cough* The Empire Strikes Back *cough* Admittedly Ricky Gervais was awrite in it, I guess.

Any one else remember when Frankie Boyle was funny?


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