Ladies and gentlemen, the Kinks (applause)

I wont sing, don’t worry. I am thinking of the days though, days when everything was bright and wonderful and the only problem you faced was; “either go outside or stay in.” After all you’re not allowed to constantly change your mind…

So with that in mind here are my top 5 things that just don’t seem as fun anymore.

1. Jumping in puddles: Come on you all loved it and if like me you were lucky enough to have green wellies with little frog eyes on them, well a fifteen minute walk could turn into a two hour marathon. Every puddle became a new adventure, with an amphibious beast rising from the depths. Nowadays if I jump in a puddle I get told to grow up or if no one is about I just get wet feet.

2. Dinner time: Six o’clock sharp, everyday. What new culinary delight would it be? Excitement and trepidation were mixed together. It might be fish fingers and beans or it might be the dreaded cauliflower cheese again. These days dinner is just a chore, spending all day trying to come up with something other than pizza to eat, apparently a sandwich is not a viable option.

3.Staying up past your bedtime: Granted no one is telling me when to go to bed but like all of you I have a specific time when I know I SHOULD be in bed. Otherwise the next morning is going to be greeted with bleary eyes and a general resentment of everyone and everything. When I was younger staying up late was a new and heady experience and the next day was greeted with a spring in the step and a smile on the face. These days I just wake up and think “I’m going to be paying for that by lunchtime”

4.Birthdays: These days all I can think of is “one year closer to death” but normally it is followed up by “soon, the peace of the grave” and that releases some much needed endorphins.

5.Days off: Mainly because there is no longer such a concept. There is work and days when you are not at work. The second of these must be spent doing chores around the house or worse yet, shopping. A visit to an elderly relative is also a distinct possibility. Days off? Ha, don’t make me laugh!


6 thoughts on “I’m thinking of the days…

    • I think perhaps I was slightly despondent that day! Not normal like that, honest :/
      If you like ironic hashtags you should check out my twitter page @DolefulDoug #shamelessselfpromotion

      • Dolefully (for your promotional needs), I have to inform you I deleted both Facebook and Twitter some year ago. Now, FREEDOM UNLEASHED, I experience the marvel of not having to construct 140-long-character sentences und so weiter, und so weiter… (Proof being this comment is 276 characters long. Yes, parenthesis included.)

      • Is that your artwork? it is pretty damn impressive!!
        Wow both twitter and Facebook? I tip my hat to you! They are unfortunately, a necessary evil 😦
        Ha ha “parenthesis”? someone get you a thesaurus for Christmas 😉

      • What, no! I can’t draw to save my life. As for FB and Twitter: I deleted them because I needed a platform for my words and they weren’t it – hence WP now. If anything, I communicate more with some people without FB/T, so they proved to be not that necessary, blah blah blah (not preaching, just saying). : P

      • Well it was still a damn fine piece of art!
        Yeah WP is a marvelous thing, don’t know why it took me so long to find it!!
        Preach all you want dude, I’m never off my soapbox 🙂

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