If you have not played the first game in Telltales episodic “the walking dead” stop reading now. Not because there will be spoilers but because you need to play this game. So run off and treat yourself to one of the best games of this generation and then come back. Also, there will be spoilers.

The following is a quick review of the first two episodes of series two. I will try and keep it spoiler free but like Clementine I’m not promising anything.

Everything that was good about series one has returned, the washed out pallet, the eerie music and the compelling characters are all present and correct . Strangely though the control system has been changed. Not enough to cause any major problems but it is a pointless change. Change for change’s shake.

One thing that Telltale have failed to rectify tough is the glitiching and slight pausing, especially during cut scenes. Make no mistake. “The Walking Dead” is a detailed game but it is hardly visually stunning, so the slowdown is a constant annoyance.

The strongest point of the first series though was the gripping storyline and series two does not disappoint, straight from the off you are given a stark reminder of the dangers of this harsh world…

The story does not overshadow the action though and you will have plenty of practice using the new controls, whether it’s running from walkers, fighting for your life or performing homemade surgery on a suspicious looking bite. The last one is so gut-wrenchingly harrowing that you are forced to weigh up speed over precision. Afterwards though you get to triumphantly face down your doubters, Clementine is growing up. Lee would be proud. Though he would be less pleased with her inability to keep hold of useful weapons, she is forever dropping or losing anything that can deal death.

And it’s the fate of these characters that is the biggest draw, as you genuinely care about their survival. Well most of them. Given the chance Ben would be dropped from that bell tower over and over again…

The second episode is more of a narrative, introducing new characters and giving you time get to know the ones from episode one.  While the pace might be a bit slower it does pick up about halfway though and with the reappearance of a familiar face your fate begins to feel like it is in your own hands again. Big mistake, any lull in action is just to give the following events more of an emotional kick.

One question remains though, who in their right mind names a child Clementine?



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