Friends, Romans, followers, lend me your ears.

Two references for the price of one there, bet more people get the Lego one…

What I want to know my loyal followers is this; where my likes at?

I’m looking at you http://dmelicertes.wordpress.com you and your geeky Tony Stark thing you got going on. I like it though, seriously do.

http://creativenauts.wordpress.com I’m not looking at you because your page confuses me, looking all modern and sparkly as it does. Far to much going on for this old timer. Also Breaking Bad was so last year, bitch!

http://giantgag.wordpress.com I’m not looking at you at all because your profile pic  gives me the wiggins.

I presume you like the stuff I’m spewing or you wouldn’t have followed me in the first place, or maybe you did in the hope I would follow you? If so, more fool you!

http://1001up.wordpress.com  I promise a serious games review soon. The first two chapters of The walking dead to be specific. Honest *shifty eyes*

And finally http://sophiaharvey.wordpress.com you look like a young  Meryl Streep I have no idea if that is an insult or not, you decide.



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