Manners!! Mind your effing manners! That is what my mum use to say to me…

…Well without the effing part and she usually added son to the end but you get the idea.

Today however I learned that I was one of the lucky ones.  Apparently not everyone else’s mum took the time to tell them this. This behavior I take for granted seems to be in decline…

As I waited in the checkout queue at an unnamed supermarket *cough* Lidl *cough* I witnessed such shocking  disregard for common decency  that my blood boiled!

*angry hats on standby*

There was only one till active but that was okay, I was in no rush. Really I wasn’t!! Cleaning the dishes was going to be the high-light of my day.

Biding my time patiently, I got to the heady position of  resting the shopping  basket on the end of the conveyor belt. When suddenly, the till operator signaled for another checkout(I’m a pro at shopping, I know all the signals and codes).

I eagerly eyed up the possible checkouts with the understanding I would be next in the firing line. Reinforcements arrived and I made my move.

I wasn’t slow but the three old fogies behind me where quicker.  BOOM from next to be served to back of the queue, just like that!

What ever happened to “you where first, on you go”?? I do that EVERY TIME the roles are reversed.

Granted I never said anything, just seethed impotently and hated the world that little bit extra.

More fun that way.


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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