this one

Dredd 2 has the slimmest of slim hopes of actually happening, according to this piece of tantalising news from Empire


It is from Empire, so you know it’s not standard internet rumor and garble warble.

That is good news, right?? Dredd was awesome, right?? I am not alone in thinking this, back me up here people!!

What I do know that Karl Urban is the new Michael Biehn.

And by that I mean; no one knows who he is. Lets face it, most people are shrugging their shoulders and looking for an exit. They didn’t come here expecting a quiz!

But the more educated among you are nodding sagely, stroking beards(hopefully your own) and thinking “yes they are both in awesome films and are  AWESOME  in films, why are they not in more films?”

The problem you have now is, who do you complain to about that?       I just Googled  “why is Michael Biehn not in more films” and got nothing, so I’m fresh out of ideas!!

One idea I do have is to visit *cough* http://happyukes.wordpress.com/ *cough*

Think I got away with that…


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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