After only a handful of posts I have encountered the problem that I suspect most bloggers face at some point in their lifetime, I have nothing to say. This is probably due the fact I have been doing nothing this week, absolutely nothing! Yesterday I didn’t even have  a shower. Don’t judge me though, I do plenty of that myself!!

So I must revert to *shudder* talking about blogging but before you run to the hills in dismay take a deep breath and relax, safe in the knowledge that the word count is going only be three hundred and thirty two.

My first problem with blogging is I don’t really know what I am doing, granted that is somewhat all encompassing so let me brake it all down for you.

1. Are you supposed to follow someones blog when they follow yours? Or check it out? Leave a comment perhaps? I honestly don’t know but to be on the safe side I have decide not to follow anyone,  leave any comments or generally interact with anyone on this site. A lot like in the real world but with less eye contact.

2. Tags. Someone explain tags to me. Are they for the search engines to find your posts? So should I tag with a devil-may-care attitude ? Or restrict it to things that are actually in my stories?

3.Why does everyone else’s site look better than mine? They all have pictures of exciting dare do and exploits, how mine looks in my head and in real life, are I suspect two entirely different things. Honorable mention goes to Kendall F. Person, go check out his page and marvel at his snazzy tie and flower combo!!

In conclusion I have no idea what I am doing but then I guess you all ready knew that.

NB on Googling how to spell else’s I found out there is a film called My Penis and Everybody Else’s, I’ve not seen it.

NB see three hundred and thirty two.


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