That is a lie, or I hope it is because I am about to go downstairs for a drink of water…

If I don’t post again you will know what happened.

Water way to…

The post is still about zombies though and in particular episode 10 series 4(inmates) of The Walking Dead.  If you have not seen this episode DO NOT READ CONTAINS SPOILERS


I warned you…

Episode ten of the walking dead starts with one of America’s favourite pastimes, talking to God.  Emily Kinney’s Beth briefly recaps the last few series in a desolate one sided conversation with the almighty but seen as we have been watching it all seems a bit pointless. Instead we have time to ponder our own beliefs on issues of faith and that is a good thing because this episodes running themes are faith and belief.

Beth herself believes others have survived the action packed assault on the prison. Daryl is not so sure, though with his impassive features and laconic nature it is sometimes hard to tell.  Maggie and Glenn search for each other in hope because as he points out you have to believe in order to go on.


“Inmates” is the name of the episode, though “hitchhikers may be escaping inmates” might have been better. After all the ravaged sign gets enough screen time as we follow the four groups that “Too far gone” left us with.

Daryl is paired with Beth and that is lucky for her. After all this is the man that took on a tank with the casual attitude most people reserve for buying milk and while she might not be totally useless, a knife to a walkers head when blind panic seems a more likely option or foraging for food when the opportunity presents itself, you just know he is the only thing preventing her gruesome death.

The two of them are following in the tracks of Tyreese, who is given the thankless task of protecting little ass-kicker and Carol’s two protégés. Luckily (though not us) Carol makes a most unwelcome return in the most expected twist since Chubby Checker got to his 3rd chorus.


With Maggie searching for Glenn it is up to Bob and Sasha to follow her or be left behind and who wants to be left behind in a world where walkers not only want to kill you but also have a unquenchable desire to steal your shoes!! In this section we get the standard nonsense about being alive is not living and a plan to clear a bus of walkers that goes exactly the way everyone but the three characters thinks it will.


As his better half looks in vain for him in the wild, Glenn regains consciousness in their old home precariously balanced on a raised platform with walkers eagerly reaching for him. After a melancholy gaze around the trashed penal institution he gets his act together and heads for the living quarters. This is handy because he can now pick up all the trinkets that everyone else left behind in their mad dash for safety.  Trinkets and his personal riot gear. This s**t just got real!! Tooled up and collecting Bob’s bottle of booze, just in case he needs a molotov  cocktail. Luckily we don’t have to wait too long for the inferno though depressingly it is not used to toast a whole herd of the dead, just distract them.  On the way out he bumps into Tara but it is okay because she has a full clip, never fired at them so everyone can be friends.

In conclusion: A decent enough episode, plenty of action and tension now that the relative safety and boredom of the prison has been left. The Walking Dead works best when the backdrop itself becomes a character and it is just about survival. Survival and smashing zombies in the face with a big hammer!!



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