I believe I made early promises of film reviews. So here is a review of Premium Rush. So stop your moaning, dry those eyes and get a load of this!

If only Premium Rush had followed its own exhilarating mantra of “brakes are death” and continued with the headlong pace it opened with. Instead David Koepp’s film sags disappointedly in the middle before picking up slightly for an anticlimactic ending that fails to recapture the opening thirty minutes.

One positive is the well-chosen soundtrack. The Who’s Baba O’Riley may be an over-used choice these days but its buoyant chords fits perfectly. The Raconteurs free -wheeling and crackerjack style is also well matched to its chosen scene.

The early exposition and love triangle is explained by the ever likeable Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he whizzes by cars in a *cough* rush. No time is given to grow restless. He has a package to deliver, the bad guy wants it and he does not want to hand it over. Simple enjoyable and an excuse for possible the most ridiculous car chase since The Rock.

Promoted to lead character JGL is a solid and charming choice but it is the evil Michael Shannon that steals the show. As with The Iceman, Shannon rises above the average material and delivers an intense and wired performance that fans of Boardwalk Empire will instantly recognise.

Despite the brooding presence of the future General Zod, Premium Rush is a light hearted film. The tone is set early on when Levitt’s Wilee (yes Wilee) finds himself at a junction with no obvious safe path. He then goes into some sort of bicycle riding Terminator mode and plots all the possible routes in a split second, before choosing the best option.  Add in one hell of a determined NYC cop and you have film that knows it’s ridiculous and is at its best when it embraces it.

However it does loose its way in a soggy middle part that introduces Kym Perfetto’s Polo and the explanation of the Macguffin heavy package. The pace drops and focus is lost. Indeed in one scene she asks a stoic JGL “why do you care” and like the audience he has no answer.

With the three main players given their backstory and the plot out of the way it is time to continue towards the somewhat cheesy final showdown, which like the whole film is a little bit of a let-down.


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