Today I experienced one of the more irritating pitfalls that the internet has to offer, opening an account somewhere in cyberspace.

You Tube was the destination, with the desire of venting some of my anger in short video clips instead of focusing all my hatred via the written medium. This seemed like a straightforward enough endeavour, perhaps even something I should have achieved years ago.

The first step was easy, go to Google and search for You Tube, made even easier by the fact Google is my homepage! Upon entering the site I was sidetracked by the newest trailer for Game of Thrones(valar morghulis indeed) but one minute forty one seconds later and with my curiosity quenched I was back in business!

There in the top right, the log in button! Like a flash I was upon it, double clicking in my eagerness to get back on track! After proving I was not a robot and agreeing to some T and C’s that no one has ever read I was inches away from my daily goal.

Then suddenly and with no warning it all fell apart.

First my phone number was required for “security” purposes. I don’t like people, let alone websites having my number but seeing no other choice and with my patience wearing ever thinner, I complied. Next it asked if it could link to my email contacts “hell no” I thought, so clicked the corresponding button. “Sorry an error has occurred, please try again” after 5 attempts and with a growing suspicion I changed my answer to yes and hey presto bingo bango no error occurred. Now why give the option in the first place if you have to select yes!!!!!


I was on the edge now, rocking back and forth on my chair and grinding my teeth nearly to dust. I was in though and ready to get my You Tube channel of the ground so I endured BUT NO one last trial awaited. A whole screen of “suggested for you” rose out the depths. How in the name of everything that you hold holy do I have suggestion??? This is a brand new account, a fresh slate, a new start. Why is it telling me what I should like???

I will tell you what I don’t like though; You Tube you have just made the list…



I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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