For dinner tonight I had a single micro pizza and some bran flakes, skimmed milk obviously. Not bran flakes sprinkled on top, though i do like that idea. Just a singular, solitary micro pizza surrounded by nothing on a plate three times it’s size and then separately a bowl of the aforementioned cereal.

I understand you are all a little bit confused as to why I’m telling you this but hold fast, the reason will soon be made clear.

As I was getting stuck into this culinary delight a thought struck me. Well two struck me. The first was could I be bothered retrieving the tomato ketchup from the kitchen, I couldn’t. The second was what prompted me to write this blog.

This had to be THE MOST DEPRESSING MEAL I had ever concocted. One measly pizza, dwarfed by the plate it was resting on and a bowl of, of, of cardboard swimming in tasteless milk.


The point? Well I want to know what the most depressing meal you have ever had was, I really really do. The winner(as judged by me) will receive ten internet points and a promise that I will follow their blog, making it the first one I have ever followed and you can’t say fairer than that!!

I will tell you this for nothing though. While depressing as a week at an old folks home the dinner was bloody lovely, well the pizza part anyway!!


I value your thoughts and opinions, honest.

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