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Today I got my hair cut, granted not very exciting  but at the end I faced the  dilemma we all must tackle at some stage. Should I tip, or should I not?

Now I’m not going to go all Reservoir Dogs on this but for me social interaction is fraught with all manner of pitfalls, without throwing in the extra hassle of how much to pay.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have no objection to paying a few quid more. I just need to know if I SHOULD! Do I come across like some sort of big shot “here you go doll, get the little ones something nice”. Or if no tip is forthcoming do i look like some sort of modern day Scrooge?  I genuinely spent the majority of my time in the chair stressing over these two options.


Not all experiences are so troublesome. Indeed whenever a pizza is ordered I round up to the nearest five and wave away the change, after all this person is bringing me pizza!! Taxis as well get my blessing. Though that might have something to do with the my inebriated state whenever I use them…

Hairdressing however??  Are they making small talk to try and charm me into giving them the desired increase. If this is the case it backfires spectacularly because as you have probably guesses, I would rather the whole procedure was carried out in stony silence and with as little eye contact as possible!

In the end i solved the problem by becoming flustered, dropping my wallet, panicking, receiving my change while picking it up and running off.  If only I had thought of that in the chair. I could have spent my time hating the world instead of just the barber…

So. Thoughts? Ideas? How do you people get through day to day without wanting to run away and hide in a dark room till everyone else has gone?


3 thoughts on “When in Rome…

    • At the risk of showing my ignorance, can you be more specific? For instance the spotty teen that packs your groceries at BulkSavings4U, is he in the service industry? Help me out before i turn into a recluse :/

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